14 best man character

During the years, in Visualart community have arrived new and diverse members that exposed brilliant works in gaming design. Not only the number keeps growing, but the amount of work of art is also enriched. We’ve decided to stop on a certain category and our subject for today will be the best man character. We’ll be wondering around through Illustrations and Conceptual art and choose the most skilled warriors and not only.

First of all, we’ll have to describe a little what it involves. We aren’t searching for a big bad ogre who can disintegrate his opponent just by its looks.

We are searching for well drawn characters, where their abilities can also be their weaknesses. We are searching for a story behind that man and not only for a good technique in designing the warrior.

In the 19 th century in Europe, there was a theme that all the writers should describe the perfect man. The best man won and it was the Russian writer F. Dostoyevsky with his novel The Idiot. The main character was a sick prince who was very naive but had the capacity to overcome the greed for money and all the social plagues with his kindness.
So, any feature can define a good character. It can look funny, silly, hardcore, bad, beautiful, shiny like a paladin or ugly, it doesn’t matter. What it matter is the feeling and story it creates, while looking at him.

Here is our selection of 14 best man character:

The Blacksmith by Michele Frigo


Magni by Vlad Marica


Viking by Raluca Iosifescu


The Mad Preacher by Bogdan Marica


Vall by Marius Bota
Oldman by Masoume Rezaei
War King by Bogdan Marica

Saruman by Sebastian Luca

Vikie by Evren Ince


Master Hawkaki by Muhammed Ansar Ali


Ibaloy Warrior by Ferdinand D. Ladera


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