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This week we decided to bring in your attention a very inspired artist who seems to take his art seriously, Alexandru Negrea. A very skilled artist in Digital Art, Illustration, Paintings, Conceptual Art, Alexandru gets his work on higher standards. With a great portfolio for different companies, games and others illustrational activities, Alexandru will surely make a point with his outstanding characters. No matter he takes different themes, they are all a challenge that motivates him to make his graphic characters and illustrations better and better.

His eye catchy fairies, fighters, shamans and soldiers, mix-up in them the magic, the msyticism that seems inspired from antique mithological books, with the sense of a reality and war. The lines he defines his females characters and clean and sensual, with a mix of nature, in their skills, that makes them beautiful and wild. But we’ll let you decide on it.

Here is our interview with Alex Negrea giving us some more details about what he likes and what motivates him.


Visualart: Tell us how did you end up on Visualart and how did you start drawing or creating visuals?
Alex Negrea: I decided to join the visualart.ro (currently visualart.me) forum after i started studying design at Tibiscus college in Timisoara. I was looking to get in touch with professionals and other amateur artists like me. I dont know how I found the forum but somehow i got there. As a kid i liked to draw but that was just when i had drawing classes in school and i had those classes just ’till i went to high school. Over there we had no art classes anymore. I started drawing seriously after i discovered in 2009 all the forums that were dedicated to artists.

Visualart: What is your favorite part in graphic design, illustrations and others and how did you decide to start working on that area?
Alex Negrea:I just like to draw and improve my craft. That would be my favorite part of the process. I always draw what interests me (with a few exceptions when the clients require me to draw something) and that makes my journey much more pleasant. Basically, when i do it for myself, it feels super fun and engaging.


Visualart: Where does your inspiration come from and what do you prefer drawing?
Alex Negrea: My inspiration comes from all around. But i get inspired the most from success stories. It doesn’t really matter from what field they come from. I like to stay motivated and the way to do that is to listen to motivational people. There are plenty of biographies online that you can watch/listen while you are working. It makes you realize that if you work hard enough and have a vision for yourself nothing is impossible! I prefer drawing characters. My environments didn’t receive too much time in my training routines so they are a bit under the standards.

Visualart: Can you give me an example of people you appreciate for their work in visual art and graphic design?
Alex Negrea: I like a lot of people. So its hard to say:) here is a wall of names: Jeremy Mann, Carla Ortiz, Mullins, Algenpfleger, Jana Schirmer, PKMike, Brom, Paul Bonner, Dave Rapoza, Vitaly Bulgarov, Iain McCaig, Frazetta, Ralph Mquarrie, Even Amundsen, Kim Jung Gi, the whole Massive Black team, Steambot Studios, Mathias Verhasselt, Ben Procter, Glenn Vilppu, Neville Page, Scott Robertson, Proko, Kekai, and the list could go on and on:)


Visualart: What was your favorite game? Also, what is the lowest game you’ve played and what other improvements you’d bring?(Solitaire excluded)
Alex Negrea: My favorite game at the moment is GTA V. I like open world games where you can just fool around. But till that for a really long time i have played Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. I was really god at it:D In between THPS4 and GTAV there wasnt too much gaming. I don’t really like to play games that much. The worst game would be minesweeper. Haha! But that’s just because i tried it only as a kid and didnt knew how it actually works. I saw nowadays videos with people actually completing levels so i am sure it has a logic :D As a kid i was just clicking on random squares and die in a few moves.


Visualart: Can you give me an example of a great graphic project that made you go “wow!” ?
Alex Negrea: I dont have any in my mind right now:) Sorry!

Visualart: What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?
Alex Negrea: I dont have a favorite project. I am mostly just a render machine for my clients. That takes the fun out of the project and kills my vision of the task. I like the small challenges that i have with my friends. We would enter contests, do sketching indoors and outdoors or study together.


Visualart: Any plans in this new year, any resolution you’d like to achieve in this area?
Alex Negrea: I want to push my lineart skills. That would be all:) I realized that with lineart i can establish the composition and design of the images i am doing in an early stage. Also it’s super easy to make changes on lineart. Everything that follows this stage is far more less brain challenging for me.



Good luck and keep up the good work!

Alex Negrea on Visualart: http://www.visualart.me/alexnegrea
Alex Negrea Blog: http://alexnegrea.blogspot.ro/
Alex Negrea Portfolio: http://alexnegrea.daportfolio.com/
Alex Negrea on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/negrea.alex.9?fref=ts

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