About creativity- Interview with Raluca Iosifescu

This week we’ve stopped on another member that brought a very impressive collection of illustrations and drawing in Visualart community, Raluca Iosifescu.

With an experience in drawing and mastering Photoshop and other programs, Raluca defined her style in a series of characters and landscapes that belong to fairytales and surreal world.

In her art, everything comes to live, getting superhuman forces. What was once cute and full of fear, can be a real hero, dealing with his opponents in a heartbeat.

Her characters have a fine artsy touch, combined with the extraordinary effect in mastering the tones and colors. The results are very eye catchy, that keeps her followers return on her portfolio.


Visualart: Tell us how did you end up on Visualart and how did you start drawing or creating visuals?
Raluca Iosifescu: Oral propaganda :) I found some guy which I knew from the Computergames forum also on VA, and it was a time when people really took time to teach others.
I’ve always liked to draw and paint, even as a child. I got my first tablet and first Photoshop about 15 years ago, when I began studying medicine, and from then on, just put one step in front of the other.

Visualart: What is your favorite part in graphic design, illustrations and others and how did you decide to start working on that area?
Raluca Iosifescu: The freedom is my favourite part. The freedom to tell a story, to visualize a part of your own little universe in each painting. And some stories just scream to come out, there were times when I couldn’t be dealt with until I finished some stupid drawing that was on my mind :D


Visualart: Where does your inspiration come from and what do you prefer drawing?
Raluca Iosifescu: Inspiration… I guess it comes from everywhere. There are stories that are crystallized from the beginning, you have an exact image of what you want them to look like. But others come when you see a face, a character, an animal which you turn into a creature, a random atmospheric
picture that evokes something for you. You start from there, and see where that leads you :)

Visualart: Can you give me an example of people you appreciate for their work in visual art and graphic design?
Raluca Iosifescu: I just adore the russian painters. I look at a Shishkin painting and I see perfection of nature, whereas Repin amazes me with the vividness of human expressions. There are also recent digital artists which I adore – Fenghua Zhong, Anry, Stepan Alekseev, KD Stanton, Adam Hughes, Marko Djurdjevic, Ben Lo, and of course, a lot of talented romanians – Florin Bostan, Daniel Dociu, the Marica Brothers.


Visualart: What was your favorite game? Also, what is the lowest game you’ve played and what other improvements you’d bring?(Solitaire excluded)
Raluca Iosifescu: Dunno, I’m really not a passionate gamer. I loved the Prince of Persia series, both for its visuals and gameplay. And I played hours and hours of Quake I-III-QuakeLive. Aaaand that’s about it :)

Visualart: Can you give me an example of a great graphic project that made you go “wow!” ?
Raluca Iosifescu: Bioshock !


Visualart: What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?
Raluca Iosifescu: Well… I don’t think I found that favourite project yet :) Joking aside, I liked each and every one of them, and each was an opportunity to learn something new. Drawing flowers or WW2 illustrations or Comics characters were equally fun and challenging.


Visualart: Any plans in this new year, any resolution you’d like to achieve in this area?
Raluca Iosifescu: Plans ? Well… does getting better at what I do count as a plan? Maybe not, but that’s what I wish from the year to come – to draw, to climb mountains, and to learn new and fabulous stuff :)
Good luck and keep up the good work!


Raluca Iosifescu on Visualart Raluca’s Portofolio

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